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About Me


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About Me


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing From The Start
Petra, December 2017

I was born in Germany quite a few decades ago, more precisely the border area between Germany and France close to the Rhine river.  This is part of my favorite hiking path:


Relaxation Helps Find The Best Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Rhine River, Karlsruhe Rappenwörth

Where I come from my family fabric is nothing unusual: A mix of German and French nationals initially living not too far away from each other – an easy drive over the border – but with time and marriages and work-related relocation the reach of the family now extends to the border of France and Spain, Paris and Brittany. My favorite city in Southern France is Carcassonne:

The Answer To How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing: Let Us Show You The Way
Carcassonne, City Wall

Carcassonne is a gorgeous city to visit but be aware – the sweets you can buy there are to die for …

To make matters even more international I got hitched to a Minnesotan who suffers from the same “rolling stone” tendencies as I do. Over the years we lived in different places in Germany and Europe, in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota and DC and the Middle East.  However, I will always feel homesick for Lake Minnetonka, especially in the fall.


Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money? As Good As Fall Come Before Winter.
Lake Minnetonka, Fall Impressions


We spent half a decade in Doha, Qatar, a weird place to get used to for a westerner but the place and the people and the food will be in my heart forever, especially the Moroccan couscous.


How To Reach Financial Independence? Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Moroccan Couscous, Doha


For now, we are back in Germany. We love to learn languages, to experience different cultures and make friends – and stay friends with the people we were lucky to get to know and love. Fortunately, with something that they call the Internet this turned out to be so much easier today than even a decade ago.

The Challenges Of Affiliate Marketing: Target and Persist
The World At Your Fingertips

I am still a restless spirit and so the idea to become successful as an affiliate marketer and become truly independent from a 9 to 5 job and a set location seemed to be natural to explore. And explore I did. I have lost count of all the liars, fraudsters and scammers along the way. But I was not about to give up. I knew it was possible to succeed online. I only needed to stay with it and find the right approach and finally, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I did.

Why I’m Here

Together we are Strong. This holds especially true if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer. To help and be helped is key. I found a community chock-full with people who embrace this concept with all their heart. Together we are strong.

My Promise

If you expect me to promise you instant internet riches I will disappoint. What I can promise is to walk the road ahead with you together. You will need to work hard and smart and you will need to be persistent. You will need to expect bumps on the road ahead. You will need to do all of these things but it will be EASY and FUN because the Wealthy Affiliate Community will provide you with all the HELP you need to SUCCEED.

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I’ll see you on the other side.



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